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Welcome! I am here to help you understand the importance of ditching those sneaky toxins from your life.  The can show up anywhere from eyeliner, wipes, sunscreen, hair products, obviously cleaners and a whole lot more! They wreak terrible havoc on your body in ways you can’t see or notice until there’s a huge issue…
Interesetd in getting rid of this nonsense… because let’s be real, who really ‘needs’ toxins in their life? 

 Why Go Toxin-free?

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How this Lifestyle  of mine began...

I have been interested in natural health and wellness since high school. But when my mom shared oils with me I being the teen i was, rolled my eyes and stiff armed her if you will.    Back story is while attending massage school the previous year I was taught about oils, used them a bunch in practice and I never saw any results.  To me they were just liquids that smelled nice.

Well, in no time, I witnessed a significant health issue of her’s drastically improve so I decided to tuck my tail and look into it a little more. I grabbed a few books, read some research and dove deeper. I became absolutely obsessed with the power of essential oils on the human body! This was my first experience of why quality was everything.  Quality=results.  

As my obsession grew for this new knowledge I also learned about the toxins in our every day products and damage they have on our endocrine systems and cellular structures. I was shocked and horrified these ingredients were allowed in our personal care products (and still are).  

I made a promise to myself to never allow these poisons into my home.  To do everything possible to make a different choice for the children I hoped to have one day. This was 2000. 

Fast forward 22 years and we have 2 beautiful girls who were blessed to not start their lives with toxins in everything we used on them.

I work from home helping others learn the value of wellness and natural products.  My mission is to teach and spread this knowlege, empowering parents to make healthy swaps and protect their families.  

Are you ready to make some super simple yet, powerful changes?! 
First thing first... check out what's under your sink... 

Getting rid of toxins is worth the effort and I'm here to walk you through every step

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